My heart has always belonged to three things: music, the sea, and humans.

My first passion – music – led me to the stage with my band: creative, active, collaborative and
constructive. It was then a natural progression to continue my studies in this field acquiring my
diploma of Audio Engineering, followed by a Bachelor of Arts specialising in Business Administration
with a focus on the Music Industry from the Popakademie Baden-Württemberg.

Driven by the wish to learn and develop I left Germany to travel, resulting in my relocation to the city
of London. Traveling opened my mind and allowed me to interact with many diverse people and
cultures, the pace of the big city drew me to the tourism industry, which in turn opened up a new
passion: the sea. I consequently began my career within the cruise ship industry – where one day
differs completely to the next – and within 5 years moved rapidly up the ladder from Junior to Senior
management. An uncounted number of learning opportunities and memorable moments.

During my travels and employment on the ships, I was always fascinated by the crew I worked with –
over 40 nationalities in a small space and fast-paced environment. In this surrounding I found my
third calling: to work with people, helping them navigate difficult situations and realise their personal
and professional potential. This led me to attain my certification as a coach and mediator in a role
where I can employ all of my talents, experience, and skills, in a job I find inspiring and rewarding.

…What defines me:…

I am an idea developer and solution finder who is moved to action and derives joy from the
undertaking. I am a confidential person with tact, empathy and who can relate to people.
Pragmatic, goal-oriented way of thinking and working – I am guiding with an analytic eye and a clear

… what you will get out of it…

You face complex challenges: I see the big picture and can delineate the important paths – You long
for a change: I will show you the opportunities – you head forward: I accompany you – as your ally,
mediator and person of trust – with integrity, practicality and open heart.

Schreiben Sie mir, ich freue mich über Ihre Nachricht.

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